What is a building survey?
A building survey is a scientifically measured and developed report describing the architectural and engineering structure, layout and fabric of a building. A building survey involves professional surveyors inspecting the site with advanced technological equipment to determine the structural condition of a site.

A typical process of surveying involves professional surveyor first conducting secondary research into legal existence and historical reality of the property that requires surveying. This may include searching the history of the deed and a title search of the property. Once the legal checks are completed, the surveyor then heads to the site. Surveyor sketches the legal boundaries of the land and then uses their sketches to construct maps detailing footprints of the property. This is followed by inspection for possible architectural and engineering defects in the property which may involve repairs. These findings, along with the surveyor’s recommendations, are then conveyed to the client usually in a detailed written report.

Who to approach for building surveyors in London?
There are many professional surveying firms providing a variety of surveying services in London. These surveying firms are regulated by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). It is a professional regulating authority issuing charter to firms offering surveying services.
The most reliable and convenient way of locating building surveyors in London is using RICS online portal for finding a surveyor. However, the portal only includes surveyors chartered by RICS and these chartered firms can at times be expensive.

Another alternative of the RICS online portal that includes both – chartered and unchartered surveyors is Really Moving. This online search engine for surveying firms is advanced and sophisticated as it offers services like retrieving surveying quotes for your property, viewing surveying firm reviews and comparing these firms.

Choose a value-for-money firm
There’s no denying that there are a number of surveying firms providing a range of services in London. But great variety makes choosing more difficult. An easy way out? Opt for a service provider that is value-for-money.
Investing in property is already a huge capital outflow. Any additional cost only adds a burden to this huge financial risk. Hence, any surveying solution, if genuine, should be easy on the pockets of the client. This is exactly what we believe at Mictec Ltd.

We are a team of professional surveyors offering quality building surveys in London at economical rates. Contact us to hire our cost-effective services now.

More information about building surveys you can find on our website – https://www.mictec.co.uk/service/measured-building-surveys

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