House extensions are one of the most cost-effective ways to add space, value, luxury and modishness to your property. A versatile addition that helps you to create a dream home that suits all your requirements along with giving a contemporary effect. BCS Building Contractors Ltd is known for providing stunning and high-functional Hackney house extensions and nearby areas. The team at BCS Building Contractors Ltd combines diverse knowledge with years of experience and training to ensure that each of our clients gets bespoke house extensions, in terms of cost-effectiveness, reliability, efficiency and of course functionality.

Countless reasons require upsizing of your home. Be it accommodating your extended family, be it adding a gym to your home, be it a bonus room, a kids room or any other reason. Whatever the reason behind extending your property is, we understand that hiring a professional building company is necessary. BCS Building Contractor Ltd is a fully insured company that provides comprehensive house extension packages from the design process until the final construction. The team aims to drive away all the uncertainties and worries that a client might feel considering getting a house extension as a daunting task.

Choosing BCS Building Contractor Ltd for any building and construction task can never be a regretful decision. No matter how big or small your task is, you can always count on BCS Building Contractors Ltd for versatile and cost-effective house extensions.

We pride ourselves for providing efficient, reliable and guaranteed house extensions to our customers in Hackney. Being flexible with our models and being transparent with our customers allows us to achieve the loyalty and trust of our customers, therefore, once our client is always our client. Our friendly, committed and dedicated team of professionals assist you throughout the house extension process to ensure that if you have any queries they are entertained immediately.

Our team pays attention to every detail provided by the client to ensure that the final product meets and exceeds the client’s expectations. You can now increase the value, modishness and luxury of your property by doing a stunning house extension done by a team of fully insured and qualified tradesmen at BCS Building Contractor Ltd.

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